Ferrules for GC and GCMS



Choose between:


85% Polyimide (Vespel®) /15% Graphite Ferrules




60% Polyimide (Vespel®) /40% Graphite Ferrules


• Stable to 400°C

• Minimal Torque Required to Seal

• Reusable, One-piece Design, Precision Drilled

• Excellent for Vacuum & High Pressure Applications

• Recommended for Mass Spec Transfer Line

• Offers the Best Combination of Sealing and Easy Workability

• Packaged in “Ultra Clean” Glass Bottles

• Ferrules for Capillary and Standard Columns

• Choose "short" ferrules for Agilent Injectors and Detectors (FID, NPD, ECD)



• Stable to 450°C

• High Purity Graphite, Preferred for Capillary GC Use

• High Density Graphite

• Preconditioned to Eliminate Out-Gassing

• Contains No Binders that can Out-Gas or Absorb Analytes

• Smooth & Clean Edges - Better than Conventional Graphite Ferrules

• Does not stick to Glass or Fused Silica• Packaged in “Ultra Clean” Glass Bottles

• Choose "short" ferrules for Agilent Injectors and Detectors (FID, NPD, ECD)



100% Polyimide (Vespel®) Ferrules


• 350° C Upper Temperature Limit. One Piece Ferrule Design

• May Bleed at Higher Temperatures

• Excellent Physical Properties 100% High Temperature Polyimide (Vespel®)

• Does not Cold Flow

• Packaged in “Ultra Clean” Glass Bottles



​• 250° C Upper Temperature Limit

• Non Sticking. One Piece Ferrule Design

• 100% Teflon® (PTFE). Chemically Inert

• Packaged in “Ultra Clean” Glass Bottles