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ATLAS is specialised in the repair and maintenance of analytical laboratory equipment.  We provide 3 levels of service contract as well as "on demand" services, to satisfy the needs of your laboratory.


Our application support will ensure that your instrument gives you high quality reliable data.


Take a look at our consumable catalogue and find out the advantages of our high quality products, or shop on-line to get our best prices.

For your peace of mind, choose one of our service contracts to allow you to budget for your maintenance costs, and protect you from the shock of unforseen break downs.

Our pay as you go service provides a cost efficient solution for our customers who do not wish to take out a service contract.  It is always possible to add on a yearly preventative maintenance visit to bring your instrument back to it's best.

We have a large range of consumable for GC and HPLC, as well as a filament repair service for GCMS and mineral oil for your rotary pump.

ATLAS offers used laboratory equipment.  All instruments are tested by a qualified technician.


We offer installation and training, and a 90 day warranty to ensure that the system is fully working.

We can provide a complete range of spare for GC, GCMS, HPLC and LCMS.


We also have a electronic board repair service, so if the manufacturer doesn't produce the part anymore there is no need to retire your instrument.



Our on-line shop allows you to buy our consumable products for GC, GCMS and HPLC at unbeatable prices.


Check out our special offers and save even more money


Methods for multi-residue pesticide analysis, dioxin, PCB, PAH and volatile organic compounds are among those that we can optimise on your instrument.

We can provide you with all your training needs to ensure that your analyst can get the best out of your instrument.

Our trsaining specialist is mother tongue English.

We collaborate with various companies in order to provide a truly global service that you can rely on.

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